What We Have
Zoom becomes a place where secret and not-so-secret connections can continue on despite the separation of this moment in this short play. What We Have gets at the wonders of connections despite distance, technical disruption, and emotional upset in this new way of being present while being absent.
Aug 23, 2020, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM CDT
Trinity University Zoom Theatre
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What Is It About?

What We Have is a play about the troubles and triumphs that came as we re-discovered love, intimacy, and connection despite the loss of physical closeness. The need for others, the need to be seen, to be loved, drives the characters forward as zoom becomes less of a platform than simply an extension of us during the era of COVID-19 and social distancing.

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A Show With A Cause

Fundraising for Covid-19 Relief

The producers, cast, and crew of What We Have wanted to use the platform we have been given to help those impacted by COVID-19. We are fundraising for two organizations that work to help those who have been hit the worst by these times of both political, economic, and public health uncertainties. All funds raised before, during, and after the show will be split amongst the two foundations shown below. 

A non-profit that is sponsored by the city of San Antonio. They specialize in funding organizations that support those with reduced health care, reduced work, problems getting food supplies, and providing emergency shelter for those in need caused by COVID-19.

The Fund focuses on grassroots organizing and power building in communities of color who are facing injustice based on racial, ethnic, religious and other forms of discrimination. They provide resources to defend against the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, and work long term to develop innovative strategies to transform the country for the betterment of everyone.

We are working to fund raise for the two organizations above, before, during, and after the show. As such, clicking on this link allows you to donate through TUPS and after the premiere 100% of all donations will be split and given to our chosen organizations. 

Choose: Give to an area of my choice-> Select TU Players

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The Cast

Meet our cast

Seiler Nishimura (Judy)

Seiler is a sophomore at Trinity intending to be a Religion and Environmental Studies major with a minor in Theatre. She has performed in a devised piece, Cities of Memory, by Trinity Theatre, is a lover of Sesame Street and cartoons, and loves to be a goof around her friends and family. She was honored to have been approached by Wren to participate and was happy to have designed time to Trinity friends. This production was an exciting opportunity for Seiler to try out theatre over zoom and it offered her a channel through which she could process and express her emotions about the state of the world right now. 

Andrew Walker (Andy)

Andrew Walker is a Sophomore majoring in Sociology and Political Science at Trinity University. Aside from being a Residential Assistant on campus, he is an active member of TUPS and the theater community. This show captures the essence of maintaining friendships in these months of lock down, and it has been a privilege to participate in its creation. A special thank you to Wren and Taylor for their incredible work and making this all possible!

Megan McGuire (Cass) 

Megan McGuire is a rising sophomore at Trinity pursuing a Political Science major and Theatre minor. She is the  TUPS Recruitment and Retention officer and on the Spirit Committee of SPB. She is also involved in Buddy Buddy Improv, Swing Bums and the Trinity Theatre Department. She knew immediately she was going to audition for What We Have immediately after reading the script.  Wren was able to “articulate all of the confusing and contradicting feelings I’ve had about remote learning in a beautiful show that I knew I had to be a part of”. She would like to thank Wren and Taylor for giving me an opportunity to perform again, as well as the cast for sharing the experience of being in a Zoom show.

Jude Casanova (Lily)

Jude Casanova is a rising senior double majoring in Human Communication and Theatre. She has been seen performing in Trinity Theatre’s Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights by Gurtruide Stein and Cities of Memory, a devised piece. In addition, she’s part of ResLife, a member of the Alpha Chi Lambda sorority, and enjoys working with local non-profits. Her motivation for performing in What We Have stemmed from wanting to unpack the emotional whirlwind that came with the change to remote learning and the exciting opportunity to explore this with others through an online Zoom play!

Abigail Ottaway (Sam)

Abby is a rising sophomore at Trinity majoring in Spanish and Anthropology. She is very active on campus as a member of TUPS, Top Naach, and Trinity University’s Sociology and Anthropology Society. She has also been in main stage productions with Trinity Theatre such as the musical Drood. She joined the production of What We Have because she truly missed doing theatre and the show provided an opportunity to be involved once again. Being a part of the show also allowed Abby to capture this strange, once in a lifetime experience.


Meet our Team

The Writer and Director - Wren Ramos
Wren Ramos is a Junior pursuing a degree in Theatre & Communications with a minor in Entrepreneurship. They have worked extensively around Trinity campus from Student Involvement, Student Programming Board, & The Theatre's Departments Costume Studio. Wren wrote and then directed this show to give a voice to the frustrations that they and many other young adults face due to the COVID-19 epidemic. He wants to thank the Theatre Department, SPB, and the officers and actors of TUPS who through all their hard work were able to help this show come to fruition. A special thanks to Taylor Condron for being the driving force behind this show from editing, stage managing, and just keeping me inspired everyday! 

Stage Manager - Taylor Condron

Taylor is a rising junior at Trinity University and a Biology major with a Women’s and Gender Studies minor. On top of being a teacher’s assistant for the Biology and Chemistry department, she is also an officer for Swing Bums and a member of TUPS. Her motivation for doing What We Have stemmed from wanting to show and experiment with theater and help others connect through Zoom. 


TUPS is proud to sponsor this event. We knew that we wanted to be a part of this project from the moment we first read the script. Writer, director, and TUPS officer Wren Ramos has found a way to remind us what is important in these times of crisis. The world hasn’t stopped because of the pandemic and neither can theatre. Theatre has the power to give a voice to the voiceless and that is one of the things that TUPS and What We Have strives to do. The message of connection and perseverance is present throughout the play and plays a huge role in the outreach we have committed to. 


When we first read the script and saw how much it resonated with us, we knew we wanted to collaborate with TUPS on this event. Ultimately, we believe that this story will help people feel like they are not alone in their feelings about the world around them. COVID 19 has disrupted what we knew as normal and at times made us feel alone but with this play we hope to unite the Trinity community and embrace the reality we are facing together. The goal of Student Programming Board is to unite the campus community through accessible programming for all. Though that might not seem like an option, we want people to know that we will still provide incredible online programming, like this one. 



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